Our Core Services

Our goal is simple: to help you process complex documents so you don’t have to. Isn’t it time to take advantage of what you deserve? SLAC, Inc. is at the forefront of helping people solve complex document processing problems. What we’ve found over the last five years is that a wide variety of new opportunities have become available for those in need, but many people that are in need of and qualify for a wide variety of programs simply do not understand how to process documents required of them. Our company minimizes the confusion of helping you process complex documents.
Weekly Address: Making Our Communities Stronger Through Clear Communication Student Loan Assistance Center is your source for knowledge and support when dealing with your Federal Student Loans. We have a multitude of services and skills available to assist you in finding and submitting your application for loan forgiveness and income driven repayment. Ask one of our representatives today.
Valued Relationships These programs can be long term. To this end, we have a desire to build and maintain a healthy and fun working relationship with each client. Our personal touch sets us apart.

Our Mission is simple: Provide on time and transparent support of students who are working harder than ever to make a difference for our nation. Let us support and inform our nations students in managing repayment in a responsible and financially sound manner.


SLAC is a for-profit business that for a fee assists in compiling, preparing and processing paperwork for people seeking consolidation, restructuring and/or forgiveness of their federal student loans through the U.S. Department of Education’s (“DOE”) programs. · SLAC is not affiliated with and has no special relationship with the DOE or any other academic or governmental entity. · This site and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the DOE, and the content or any information posted on this site is not endorsed by and does not reflect the views of the DOE. · You can apply for loan consolidation or alternative repayment programs on your own without paid assistance through the DOE at Studentloans.gov. SLAC is not a loan servicer and does not renegotiate, settle, or in any way alter the terms of any payment or debt.