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Speak with live person and discover the many repayment options for your Federal Student Loans.


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We help you prepare all of your documentation and facilitate a timely submission to the Department of Education.


Monitoring and reapplication each and every year to maintain your eligibility for Loan Forgiveness.

Welcome To Student Loan Assistance Center

Our goal is simple: to help you process documents so you don’t have to. Isn’t it time to take advantage of what you deserve? SLAC, Inc. is at the forefront of helping people solve complex document processing problems. What we’ve found over the last five years is that a wide variety of new opportunities have become available for those in need, but many people that are in need of and qualify for a wide variety of programs simply do not understand how to process documents required of them. Our company minimizes the confusion of helping you process complex documents.
Mission Statement Our Mission is simple: Provide on time and transparent support of students who are working harder than ever to make a difference for our nation. Let us support and inform our nations students in managing repayment in a responsible and financially sound manner.
Getting started has never been easier. The process takes up to an hour to review your loans, calculate the best program for you and take the initial application. To complete a successful appointment with a senior enrollment adviser, you will need the following: 1. Notepad – There will be a lot of information given to you on various repayment plans. In addition we will be providing you information on our company, the current guidelines and will be setting expectations in regards to the consolidation timeline. 2. Two References – This will be required by the department of Education. The references needs to be two individuals with separate addresses from yourself. You will need to provide the following: Name: Phone number: Address: Relationship: Please keep in mind Student Loan assistance center will not be contacting your references for any purpose. This is a field required by the Department of Education. 3. Your undivided Attention – There will be a lot of information and we cannot stress this fact enough. Try to be in front of a computer that has internet access so we may send you your current loan information, company information, application and your loan documents. We are happy to help guide you through the process.
Income Based Repayment

Allow us to guide you through the review of your current loans and the application for the right program that meets your specific financial needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and review of your Federal Student Loans.

Federal Guidelines

A Direct Consolidation Loan allows you to consolidate (combine) multiple federal education loans into one loan. A consolidation may not be the best repayment option for you, however we will supply you with a comprehensive review to see if a consolidation will meet your needs.

Community Support

We are in the business of supporting out community. From Student loans to our involvement in the community as charitable sponsors, we strive to help our diverse nation. Learn about all we do for our clients and our community and the many opportunities for you to become involved.

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SLAC is a for-profit business that for a fee assists in compiling, preparing and processing paperwork for people seeking consolidation, restructuring and/or forgiveness of their federal student loans through the U.S. Department of Education’s (“DOE”) programs. · SLAC is not affiliated with and has no special relationship with the DOE or any other academic or governmental entity. · This site and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the DOE, and the content or any information posted on this site is not endorsed by and does not reflect the views of the DOE. · You can apply for loan consolidation or alternative repayment programs on your own without paid assistance through the DOE at SLAC is not a loan servicer and does not renegotiate, settle, or in any way alter the terms of any payment or debt.