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Learn about all the benefits of each program and which one is best for you and your family.


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Monthly monitoring of your federal loans with your loan servicer. Real time support staff. Annual Re-certification in compliance with the terms of your loan program.

Welcome To Student Loan Assistance Center

SLAC, Inc. was founded in 2014. Over the past six years the company has assisted tens of thousands of American consumers in navigating through the complexities of managing one’s student loans and has been a conduit of information for thousands of consumers nationwide. SLAC, Inc. takes a customer first approach in dealing with every client.

Our mission is to educate and inform so that the consumer carrying the student debt burden fully understands their options in student loan repayment. The company continues to invest it’s time and resources into this process to better serve its customers and provide relevant information to as many of the 44 million consumers carrying nearly $1.5 trillion in student loan debt.

Company representatives have traveled across the country and met with many members of congress, including members of the US House and US Senate, as well as members of the Executive Branch of the current administration, including representatives of the US Department of Education, Office of Management and Budget, and members of the White House Domestic Policy Council.

With the Government Accountability Office acknowledging in a recent audit that the loan servicers are failing as much as 61% of the time, failing to inform borrowers of available repayment options and correctly calculate repayment amounts, as well as the acknowledgement that 99% of the applicants for Public Service Loan Forgiveness have been denied, it is apparent the student loan system is broken and the people deserve better than what is being offered by way of their loan servicer.

In 2019 SLAC, Inc. began to speak to the graduating classes of local colleges and plans to continue its efforts to educate consumers on a national scale in hopes to reaching people before it’s too late. SLAC, Inc. cannot stand on the side-lines while over 3,000 people fall into default each day on their student loans, knowing there are several repayment programs available through the Department of Education. We are willing to take the time and give the effort to support those seeking to pursue a higher education without having the fear of how one will pay or manage their student loan debt. We believe this approach will encourage responsible behaviors that in turn will increase repayment, decrease defaults, and promote higher education as it was intended.