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Doing A federal Consolidation can be tricky. It is very important to review your full financial situation and align it appropriately with the right program. Currently there are many, many programs all with different features. After reviewing your unique situation, we will be able to guide you to the appropriate program. We are here every step of the way.

How to get started

Speak with an enrollment adviser and learn about your current balance and what programs you are eligible for. Discuss repayment options that fit your lifestyle ad budget. Apply for loan the federal loan repayment program.

Learn about your current situation and the exact amount that you currently owe on your loans.
Review loans and carefully compare the various options you have for repayment and loan forgiveness. See which loans are close to default and the amount your student loans have grown on the standard repayment option.

Verify that all your debt is accurate and there are no over reported loans or accounts on your file.
Choose a program with your adviser and submit your application for approval from the DOE. This step can take some time and we will assist you through this process.

Once you receive your SLAC,Inc. approval, you will need to then submit all required documentation and complete the direct consolidation process. Your adviser will help you prepare and set expectations for this phase.
We reapply and move you into the best program year after year to maximize your total loan forgiveness.

Income driven loans require on going maintenance and document submission. Our service takes care of this so you do not alter your eligibility by missing a re-submission or document request. Finally, peace of mind with your student loans!

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